About EggTrack

EggTrack aims to ensure food businesses can and will stick to their cage-free egg commitments; create transparency in the market; and catalyze business-to-business conversations that will drive a stable and successful transition to a cage-free future.

Compassion in World Farming launched EggTrack three years ago to track the progress food companies were making towards their commitments to purchase 100% cage-free eggs, recognizing that while making a commitment is an important first step, real impact for laying hens comes with companies working towards and meeting those commitments. By tracking companies’ progress, EggTrack identifies leaders and laggards, encourages and reinforces transparency, and serves as a platform for deeper engagement with CIWF’s Food Business team, which supports companies with strategic analysis, technical resources, and animal welfare expertise.

Compassion in World Farming has also launched ChickenTrack, with annual progress reports to debut in 2020. See the 2019 ChickenTrack Report for case studies highlighting the work being done to build a higher welfare chicken supply by two of the top chicken producers, Perdue Farms and Wayne Farms.



This year’s report includes 28 new companies, bringing the total number of tracked companies to 128. All companies selected for the report have made a commitment to sourcing only cage-free eggs by 2026 or sooner. Companies were selected on the basis of size, egg footprint, market influence, and commitment deadline. The expansion of the tracker is consistent with our aim of creating a representative snapshot of progress across sectors in the shift to cage-free eggs. Companies were asked to publicly disclose their cage-free egg percentages ahead of July 31, 2019. For progress numbers to be included in the annual report and displayed on the tracker, the relevant information must be publicly available on a company’s website or other document including, but not limited to, an animal welfare policy, a CSR or progress report, or a press release. A company receives the coveted 100% cage-free ribbon when it has achieved its goal of ensuring that all egg types used in its supply chain come from cage-free hens.  

The data included in the tracker was compiled during the first three weeks of August 2019. Notes and special considerations concerning how progress is presented in the tracker are also included in this report in the Appendix. EggTrack aims to track progress across a company’s entire supply chain by tracking all the egg types relevant to the business (shell, liquid, and ingredient eggs). Relevant egg categories vary by company; therefore, EggTrack looks for transparency on the egg categories covered by an individual commitment.